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  • Beautiful Laceration

    Paperback, 110 pages
    ISBN 098391527X
    In Beautiful Laceration, Gina Rae Foster's latest work, one finds each poem inevitable and necessary, being lyric declarations from an intimate world animated by mythic power and high emotional stakes, sometimes highly personal yet reticent in autobiography, chthonic, and always erotic and charged, thirsting for love. Though written with an ast...
  • Gratitude for Technology

    Paperback, 124 pages
    ISBN 0981997279
    Resistance! this is the central theme of Gottlieb's dense and intense first book. The original thesis here is: if we truly want (to work towards) a society emancipated from the rule of the wealthy and privileged, if we truly want to feel empowered in our lives and our society, we must face the material and incontrovertible historical facts of h...
  • Media Psychology

    Paperback, 192 pages
    ISBN 194081393X
    In this text Dr. Giobbi moves far past the standard cause and effect thinking that is sometimes associated with media psychology. Much like William James of the early twentieth century, Dr. Giobbi is examining not only the concepts in their own right, but also the relations between such concepts. Dr. Giobbi uses this style to call on a multidisc...
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