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  • On Fidelity; Or, Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow...

    Paperback, 118 pages
    ISBN 1940813166
    This text attempts to open the dossier of fidelity; and, in particular, attend to the question of the relationality between fidelity and its object, to the question of must there be an object to fidelity? For, if one is faithful to something or someone, is one responding to the what, the characteristics of the thing, the per...
  • Windrose

    Paperback, 480 pages
    ISBN 0989428427
    A play and commentary on "The Wind Rose of Success" by Walter Benjamin, a work on comedy and justice, this text follows seven ways to unfold the wind rose: Characters, Names, Orientation, Technique, Tempo, Translation and Tradition, approaching, distorting, blurring and unleashing literary, political, technical, kabbalistic... motives in a tempo...
  • Nanotexts

    Paperback, 248 pages
    ISBN 1940813050
    Nanotexts addresses the trope of writing and thinking the small. It begins its focus by looking at the genealogy of nanotechnology that is commonly believed to start with Richard Feynman's 1960 talk "There's Plenty of Room at the Bottom," where he explores the technological means of writing small. Although the field remains unnamed in his talk, ...
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