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  • Sound in Cinema

    Paperback, 312 pages
    ISBN 1940813883
    Sound and visual are independent elements brought together to become the audiovisual of modern cinema. Sound in cinema and moving pictures juxtapose each other to represent a conversation. However, they speak together as a single and decisive voice. Theodor Adorno's criticism of the standardization of deconcentrated listening in popular twenti...
  • The Obsession of Aesthetics Plastic Surgery: The Deconstruction of an Artificially Obsessed South Korean Society

    Paperback, 230 pages
    ISBN 1940813875
    In The Obsession of Aesthetics Plastic Surgery, Duyen Truong-Ngoc Tran reveals that plastic surgery is no longer an instrument to reconstruct wounded human beings, but rather an addictive trend in which South Korea leads the world. While Martin Heidegger postulated that modern technological "modes of Being" are exploiting the natural world, the...
  • The Academy of Forgetting

    Paperback, 208 pages
    ISBN 1940813808
    The Academy of Forgetting, with a Preface by art theorist James Elkins, introduces an anti-institution at an uncertain time and in an unstable location. By demonstrating the dissertation as artwork, it questions and extends the increasingly prevalent phenomenon of doctoral studies for visual artists. It also explores our contemporary struggle ...
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