About Atropos Press

Since its beginnings in 2004, Atropos Press has published over 150 books by innovative students and professors alike. The second edition of Teletheory by pioneering media theorist Gregory L. Ulmer was the first book to be pubished by Atropos Press, and the ground-breaking nature of both authors and texts alike has continued to be the defining quality of this small, independent publishing house.

Linked to the European Graduate School, the editorial board of texts published by Atropos includes names such as Judith Butler, Slavoj Zizek, Avital Ronnel, Giorgio Agamben and Wolfgang Schirmacher. These books champion original thought, bridging ideas between art, technology, media and philosophy that others shy away from.

With the support of the European Graduate School and the International Schopenhauer Association, Atropos Press continues to be a fearless advocate of the imaginative, the creative, the astonishing - and the authors behind such marvels.

We are Philosophy. We are Atropos Press.