A Philosophy Fiction
By Stephen David Ross

Stephen David Ross 

A Philosophy Fiction

Paperback – December 6, 2013 | 382 Pages | ISBN here* | ISBN here*

This novel explores the entwining of philosophy and fiction, loving in truth and believing in images, and does so in the form of literature, full of stories, characters, animals, fabrications, and events. Inspired by Plato's dialogues, drawing on the myths and stories, the novel retraces the themes and structure of Platonic writings in an imaginary contemporary context, sometimes in reverse and upside down, to express the wonder and abundance of the world and the intimacy and fullness in every creature and thing. Each thing, all bodies and things, are other to themselves, betray themselves, express, form and deform themselves, do and undo what they are. Doing and undoing Plato, in his loving memory, with Alfred North Whitehead in mind. This is perhaps to say, in another voice: asking, telling, doing, calling, coming, giving, abounding, wondering, enchanting, betraying.