Seumas Raib Coutts 

Anticipating The Past: Sighting The Future Subject Through The Coming Archive

Paperback –  1 May 2012 | 360 pages | ISBN here | ISBN here

The epistemological status of the archive hinges on the impact had on the observer and creator is needed for further thinking the archive. Ultimately, it is the latter’s Subjective reaction that served to affirm the status of objectivity of the representational form of being. Simultaneously, the observer’s Subjectivity itself is articulated by the practices involved in the use of archival practices from the state, museum and personal. The “Dispositif” of the archive thus serves to constitute an economy (agency) of individuals (being) which contributed to the affirmation of social positions and a distinct sense of self for the social agents and the impact will continue to grow as the archive is pulled out the back room dusted clean and made accessible and created at the situs of Being through new technologies.