A World Without Reason
By Jeff McGary

Jeff McGary

A World Without Reason

Paperback –  1 Mar 2012 | 120 pages | ISBN here | ISBN here

A World Without Reason examines the idea that the ability to reason is severely destroyed by the constant attack of media messages, which assault the individual on a daily basis. Corporate controlled and peer-to-peer media attack the mind in a never-ending cycle from many different directions and one's ability to accept and digest a world, which is not cloaked in propaganda, and advertising is severely limited. It asks how one is able to examine reality and live as an artist of life (Schirmacher) by discovering that reality is not the reality, which the media would want society to believe. By rejecting the world as presented to the digitized society by conglomerates (Žižek) and examining the world from within (Schopenhauer) one is able to see that the current society of fear and security should be rejected, as security is unattainable. Issues of control are examined via Hannah Arendt and Michel Foucault and psychological ideas of why humans need such control are discussed via the theories of Jacques Lacan and Slavoj Žižek. McGary examines how corporate control needs to create a false reality, which thrives on the need for security and self-improvement, where consumers are forced to consume on an increasing basis, due to the organizational definition of what constitutes a corporation. Finally, the ideas of Wolfgang Schirmacher and his philosophy of Homo-Generator; and the dangers of anthropomorphism and religious dogma are discussed, in an attempt to live one's life freely and humanely, without shame. The book in its entirety allows one to return to reality and reason in an age, which seeks to destroy them both.