All for Nothing
By Rachel K. Ward

Rachel K. Ward  (Author), Wolfgang Schirmacher (Editor)

All for Nothing

Paperback – 8 Dec 2010 | 308 pages | ISBN-10: 0983173427| ISBN-13: 978-0983173427

Prize-seeking, pleasure-driven, self-involved intent has run its course. This book confronts the ethics of desire in the moment of truth. The indulgence of desire is the decadence of the human condition. Whenever desire is satisfied, the desire diminishes and we reach a vanishing point. In time, desire returns. The tyranny of desire is observed in the constant turnover of fashion and technology or, on a grand scale, the rise and decline of civilizations. Yet our contemporary moment is a great destiny and our fortune is to have arrived after deconstruction. If Cartesian doubt was evidence that humankind was not open to the truth of reality, deconstruction was evidence that, amid the crisis of meaning in ideology and cultural theory, humankind was foreclosed to ontological truth. The "all for nothing" dead end is in need of something that can only be found by the question of truth. About the author: Rachel K. Ward is a writer based in Paris. She graduated magna cum laude from the European Graduate School where she studied with Jean Baurdillard and others. She works in the intersection of fashion, art and media and has been acknowledged by The New York Times, Vogue Paris, i-D and others.