Anderson Julie (Contributor), Badiei Sina (Contributor)

Collected Media and Communications Projects 2011: Vol. 1

Paperback – 20 Aug 2012 | 202 pages| ISBN here | ISBN here

This volume of Collected Media and Communication Projects 2011, volume 1 discusses two topics with broad social consequences: Metalepsis: Art Encounters with Creative Collectives examines how communities may discover and empower themselves through the act of creating collectively. In the context of action research, we examine the cultural discourse of the art encounter, and its potential to elevate a group's generative vernacular into a larger social arena. Within the educational forum, we challenge traditional precepts of what it means to learn, focusing on how we learn and why. In the Creative Collective, we address what Bracha Ettinger calls the "partial becoming-subject," the subject which emerges from the fusion of multiple people and multiple experiences colliding by means of the creative act. The purpose of the art encounter is an evolution of dialect which manifests in the act of sharing what is uniquely ours. Reading Marxism is primarily an attempt to study Marxism. But as our recent conjuncture has resulted in an influx of critiques of Capitalism, it is of an uttermost urgency to read Marx himself, lest Marxism shall become a completely empty signifier of resistance. If any rigorous theory of emancipation should embrace the two contradictory moments of scientific claim with its ensuing hierarchy and yet the rejection of any hierarchy and the loud proclamation of non-hierarchy, it is thus indispensable for any truly Marxist theory to grapple with the scientific critique of capitalism. This alongside a phenomenological study of the failure that was the 20th century Marxism and an analysis of Marxism through philosophy forges all that this text strives for.