By Robert Craig Baum

Robert Craig Baum  (Author), Wolfgang Schirmacher (Editor)


Paperback – 10 Feb 2011 | 214 pages | ISBN-10: 0983173443 | ISBN-13: 978-0983173441

This is an aporetic text, one which presents ways of hearing (and speaking from within) the silence of being-an offering that continues to ask Heidegger's essential question, "Why is there any being at all?" Itself challenges us to get over ourselves so we can finally start thinking and living without the melodramatic longings for metaphysical unity. From within this space of infinite possibilities, Baum offers formidable readings of Heidegger's "The Turning" and later works as well as timely remixes of continental philosophy. He also retraces ereignis to show how being reveals itself to itself (a double negation) on its own terms, disclosing an aggressive infiltration of the Cartesian cogito to show how itself gives (life). DJ-like drop beats and whole interludes discuss media and popular culture in a way that moves the discussion of ereignis beyond the confines of yet another Heidegger study toward an intense meditation designed to radicalize philosophy (itself). "Robert Craig Baum is one of the few next generation thinkers who are attempting comprehensive and meaningful Philosophy. This strong debut monograph evidences the underpinnings of his ontology, philosophical anthropology, and the lineage of his engagement with the Continental tradition. Positioned as a seminal text, it will become essential reading as Baum continues to unfold not only his thinking, but manifests a mature and full engagement with the broad culturalvuncertainty which confronts us all in the coming decades." - Matthew Steven Carlos, Oxford University ---about the author: Robert Craig Baum is a philosopher from Long Island, New York. He holds degrees from The Catholic University of America, Dartmouth College, and the European Graduate School. Dr. Baum lives in Vermont with his wife and four boys.