Narrativity: Experience & Event
By Deborah Griggs

Deborah Griggs 

Narrativity: Experience & Event

Paperback – January 5, 2015 |274 pages |ISBN 1940813212 | ISBN-13 9781940813219

Narrativity: Experience & Event is a poet-scholar's response to narrative theory. While narratological portraits and paradigms of narrative essence make complete sense in light of the products and processes that tradition has already identified as representative, the work on the concept of narrativity has been largely residual, a rearranging or redefining of elements to accommodate new attitudes or to find commonality across media or academic and professional disciplines. This investigation proposes that narrativity should point to something more fundamental, something lurking in consciousness, something less concerned with copies or the accountancy of action, but with experience, expressivity, and the mimetic event.