Lori Martindale 

On Leaving: Poetry, Daesthetics, Timelessness

Paperback – May 15, 2014 | 300 Pages | ISBN here* | ISBN here*

On Leaving: Poetry, Daesthetics, Timelessness investigates an etymological wildcard "leaving" in the spaces between philosophy, literature, and poetry as intervals of the fleeting in deep time signatures, between the veils of finitude. Postponement, doors/ thresholds, traces, death, time, writing, leaves/pages, undecidability, and more, are aporias in flux, intervals of the leaving. As an etymological poetics in deep timelessness, what Lori Martindale calls a daesthetic trope, a plurality in time signatures of imperfection; opens the indefinable. As an interval of poetics of language, a space between timelessness and finitude, betwixt poetry and philosophy, this book investigates time-less-ness as finite (leaving), of indeterminate flux, and fluid. In the intervals of deep time and daesthetics, investigated in sites of reading Jacques Derrida's Aporias and The Gift of Death, Avital Ronell's text Stupidity, echoes in Friedrich Nietzsche's Ear, Jean-Luc Nancy on Listening, Wolfgang Schirmacher, Luce Irigaray's work on language, as well as other key philosophers and scenes of media: poetry, literature, drama, and art. Leaving illuminates ethical possibilities to subvert mastery in accelerating houses of language of totalized judgments. Through a slow poetics of the intervals - opens a haunting deep time in remembrance, a deceleration media of leaving in the thresholds. "To leave" hinges on the infinite exits into alternate spacing of language as cinematic, timelessly-as-moving aperture.