By Rob Larson

Rob Larson (Author), Wolfgang Schirmacher (Afterword)


Paperback –  December 10, 2013 | 288 Pages | ISBN here* | ISBN here*

ἀρχή details a study of original genealogies, biographies, concepts and events leading from anthropogenesis to the teleological 'singularity', providing context for an ever-present undercurrent of written script (organized information) as it is revealed progressively through the real functioning of finite life in its original space-time continuum. ἀρχή is presented as a self-preserving superstructure, positioning ethics as its highest economy. Through the perspective of technological post-human intelligence, the ethical/mathematical economy of ἀρχή reveals its ultimate wonder: write-protection. Surrounded by massive amounts of alternative data in entropy and chaos, ἀρχή functions as an unbreakable, mastered arrangement of information under the perpetual threat of palimpsestual corruption and total annihilation. ἀρχή reveals its ethical write-protection through the blooming manifestation of its algorithm. This Atropos print edition of ἀρχή includes an afterword by Wolfgang Schirmacher, translated by Ira Allen.