Manga Clem Marshall

Talking Cheddo

Paperback – 15 Jan 2009 | 346 pages | ISBN-10: 0981946232 | ISBN-13: 978-0981946238

“What a rewarding read! This unique blending of philosophy, poetry and personal experience, combined with an impressive scholarship, has enlightened me beyond my expectations. I especially liked the constructive attitude which turns the ugly past into something which contains future – a dialectics of hope. Like many educated people I had a certain knowledge of the issues at hand but this work has convinced me that we need to know so much more about it. We must finally recognize how strongly this past still influences the present worldview and our actions. “‘Talking Cheddo’ established forcefully the key role of language and the power of (forgotten) words ...” Prof.Dr.W.Schirmacher Program Director, Media & Communications Division European Graduate School EGS Manga Clem Marshall conducts ongoing research into the intersection of language, culture and race. From inside the circle of his ancestral Cheddo (Freethinking) tradition in the Senegambian region of West Africa, he lectures on Afrikan art, language, culture and race. He was named ‘Teacher of the Year’ for his work in Sociology at York University, Toronto; taught Community Arts at Ryerson University; pioneered the series Learning to Love Africa Through her Art for the Art Gallery of Ontario and was a lecturer in the prize-winning Ontario Science Centre program, 'A Question of Truth'.