By Gregory L. Ulmer

Gregory L. Ulmer 


Paperback – 18 Feb 2004 | 328 pages | ISBN-10: 0974853402 | ISBN-13: 978-0974853406

The second and revised edition of a groundbreaking philosophical treatise from a leading authority on the theory and practice of electronic culture in the media age. Continuing the work of post(e)-pedagogy of Applied Grammatology, Ulmer's Teletheory is the second book of his trilogy on the modes of inquiry which concludes with Heuretics. Teletheory addresses the paradigm shift from literacy to electracy, using philosophy of science as well as Roland Barthes' design of an image rhetoric. The invention of a new historiography as experience of subjectivation culminates in a poetics extracted from philosophy of science, critical theory, and videography, which is tested with a sample of the genre: "Derrida at the Little Bighorn." The functionality of collage-montage as logic is probed, resulting in a position of singularity.