Terror and the Roots of Poetics
Atropos Press

Jeffrey Champlin (Editor)

Terror and the Roots of Poetics

Paperback – May 22, 2013 | 244 Pages | ISBN here* | ISBN here*

Pushing the thought of extreme violence to its asserted limit, contributors investigate a problem that is, in principle, impossible: the founding disjunction of terror and form. This inquiry involves a re-reading of terror's key-albeit inadvertent-role as a motivator of art, politics, and ontology that is attuned to the fragility of attempts to inscribe its destructive threat. Including contributions from: Avital Ronell, Jeffrey Champlin, Larry Rickels, John Hamilton, Peter Banki, Hannes Charen, Jeremy Fernando, Roger Berkowitz, Shireen Patell, Henry Sussman, and Thomas Keenan.