The Media Poet
By Michelle Cartier

Michelle Cartier (Author), Wolfgang Schirmacher (Editor) 

The Media Poet

Paperback – 18 Jan 2012 | 480 pages | ISBN-10: 0983915229 | ISBN-13: 978-0983915225

EXISTENCE AS ITS OWN ESSENCE IS NOTHING OTHER THAN THE FREEDOM OF BEING. Jean-Luc Nancy Being of a media culture, one must assume that "we" are critically at stake. Just as the exigency of being (i.e. the experience of Being) of a media culture demands for being (i.e. one and other) to strengthen the experience of community, we must welcome the interruption of the other to revitalize a true sense of 'being-with' as the very essence of Being. Re-articulating Nancy's essential notion of being as "being-with," the invitation of the media poet addresses the current contingencies of Being of a media culture where the work of a techno-capitalistic society must be monitored in relationship to its ever-approaching potential 'speed' limit. The media poet comes as a promise of true existence-it gives weigh to the worlding of Being as a particular balance of pain, intimacy, and measure (drawing from a Heideggerian perspective) and it tends to the wound of "weak love" (Cixous). The media poet gives measure to 'love' as a human ethics. Encouraging a new way of thinking and acting of a media culture-accentuating being's "leap into media" as the most profound fulfillment of one's own "artificial life" (Schirmacher)-together, the living technique of the media poet and language technique of media poetics welcomes an ethics and responsibilities to come with "kind heart" (Kierkegaard) and "unconditional hospitality" (Derrida). Resistance must come. And, we must recognize that the exact measure of being happens poetically. The media poet dares a poetic revolution. ----about the author Michelle Cartier is a media poet and community activist. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Film from Humboldt State University and a PhD in Media and Communication from the European Graduate School. She is the Co-Founder of DJ Gleaner y Los Media Poets, a local artist collective and creative mentorship project based in Arcata, California.