Julia Hlzl (Author), Wolfgang Schirmacher (Editor)

Transience: A poiesis, of dis/appearance

Paperback – 17 Mar 2010 |  208 pages | ISBN-10: 0982530986 | ISBN-13: 978-0982530986

Still, duration seems to be considered a "first-rate-value on earth," as deemed by Nietzsche more than 120 years ago, whereas transience tends to be negated. Eluding their re-presentationability, ephemera are sub-ordinated to the enduring and are only thought of as and in relation to permanence. Thinking them as such rather than as such, this book unfolds an onto-phainoúmenology of transience: a poiesis of the only once, as the only once-an ethics of dis/appearance, a praxis of uttering the unutterable. For there is no here for the now. Review: This text shines like the sea: always in motion, in waves, short or long, with a thousand gleams of the sun, and a thousand small appearances of foam; and one is far from any coast. - Jean-Luc Nancy